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How To Create Safelink Blogger (Url Shortener High Payout Rates)

Jadiitau. Welcome back on this blog that is in this article will be discussed about the url shortener / safelink which originated in Indonesia, an awful lot of topics about Safelink Blogger that I will discuss for you such as how to create accounts, payout rates, testimonials from customers who use the service url shortener.

Okay just below details how to create the account, along with an explanation of the features and advantages that are owned by Safelink Blogger than any other url shortener.

How To Create Safelink Blogger

  • Step One

Go to the Safelink Blogger list then click the button register/daftar on the left of the login button

  • Step Two

After you've clicked the button list there will be display as the picture below. Then you fill in the fields like username, email, password, and re-enter password. After you click the button I am not a robot (captcha google) and tick the right writing I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  • Step Three

If you already fill columns such as those illustrated below, then you only need to click the button register.

  • Congratulations

You've managed to have a account Safelink Blogger is very easy, just need three steps to get started.

Table High Payout Rates World In Safelink Blogger

This is a list of countries with paid links has reached 1000 views and the payment currency is the dollar of the United States.

Germany : $8.20 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
Kuwait and Qatar : $7.80 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
Netherlands : $7.40 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
United States : $7.20 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
United Kingdom : $7.00 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
Switzerland and Canada : $6.80 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
Spain and Sweden : $5.80 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
France and Oman : $5.20 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
UAE : $5.00 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
New Zealand, Lebanon, Sudan, Norway, Saudi Arabia : $4.80 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
Australia : $4.70 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
Syrian Arab Republic, Italy, Egypt, Bahrain : $4.20 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
Indonesian : $4.00 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
India and Morocco : $3.80 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
Malaysia : $3.50 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
Central African Republic, Iraq, Hong Kong, Japan : $3.20 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
Palestine : $3.13 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
Singapore : $2.80 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
Vietnam : $2.10 / Desktop or Mobile Phone
Worldwide Deal(All Countries) : $2.00 / Desktop or Mobile Phone

  • Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum amount of payment is only $2.00 and with the payment system from paypal.

Safelink Blogger Application

Other features and advantages that are owned by Safelink bloggers like there is already an application and you can download it at the google play store lets you with just one click, it will make the time you increasingly simple to see the number of visitor that clicked the link you and see you on revenue results Safelink Blogger.

And you can see his testimonial in the application of existing Safelink Blogger in google play store or you can simply click on this link (download apk) for free.

Conclusion the article

The full article about Safelink Blogger, Wait never mind get a chance with getting money exist only here.
Mas Yusuf
Jadilah pemuda pintar dengan rajin membaca dimana saja.

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